Rocked back on heels this morning by banner headline in Metro which read:
‘Commuting like Wild West, says Transport for London boss.’

This astonishing statement made by Sir Peter Gerard Hendry CBE, Commissioner for Transport in London.

Eagerly scan article to see if Transport for London boss drunk at time made statement. Not so, Sir Peter is merely getting a few things off his chest in interview recently given to Management Today, from which Metro is quoting.

Article gives fuller quote of Sir Peter’s beef:

‘On Southeastern, trains are like the Wild West. They are s**t, awful. And then, now every now and then, some people who look like the Gestapo get on and fine everyone they can. It doesn’t improve your day, does it?’

Sir Peter has spent all working life in transport, and thus can be relied upon to know what he is talking about. According to Wikipedia his first job was as a bus conductor on No 11 bus. True man of people.

Comments in interview suggest Sir Peter has had particularly bad experience recently. Perhaps left first-class Annual Season ticket at home on kitchen table and then made mistake of standing in first-class compartment on train.

Am sure Sir Peter keeps online diary of commuting, so will check to see if has made entry about day he left Annual Season ticket at home and re-post.

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