First day of spring commute. Not a cloud in the sky, sun shining brightly, daffodils sprouting, birds chirping. Flood tides have receded, huzzah, and pigeon sent out to look for dry land has returned with may blossom in its beak. Have shed one layer of winter woolies and exchanged dead green cat scarf for muslin-like affair covered in roses, kind of thing Jane Austen might have affected.

Of course, with sun pounding down for first time since October, and train carriages heated consequently to sauna-like level, the seasoned commuter can expect only one thing when get on train, viz, every window in train carriage will be shut as tightly as if super-glued, above commuters gently sweltering below. Scan entire length of carriage, find each seat occupied by commuter diligently oblivious to fact of Turkish bath interior of train. If commuter is aware, prefers to swelter rather than Stand Up in Front of Everyone Else and Open Window. Fight urge to shout ‘Are any of you cretins going to open a window?’ and instead reflect on peculiar British characteristic of having windows open on train in depth of winter allowing free entry of blizzards, rain storms, hurricanes etc, and rammed shut on sunny spring or summer days. Feel this is part of Puritan/diffident national characteristic. Could open window myself but am not sitting under window and could only open window over someone’s head, a socially tricky situation. Could also ask if could open window, but that would involve Standing Up in Front of Everyone Else and Speaking.

Am writing this on recently discovered charming app called Written? Kitten! which encourages struggling writer/blogger with a pic of a kitten every 100 words. So far have been rewarded with two cute tabby kittens and a snoozing black and white kitty.

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