Due to the continuous downpours us sterling Brits have suffered since the autumn, the flood down Station Path has been in and out of situ pretty much every week since the New Year, making each morning’s journey to Esher station one of unparalleled suspense. Generally, if the water is washing around the corner past the back gate of Sandown Park racecourse, one does not need to peer down the path to find out that passage will be impossible unless one is equipped with scuba gear. Post Traumatic Commuter has been wearing mud-streaked rubber snow boots to work now for two months, despite there not having been any snow this winter.

Today, Post Traumatic Commuter gets the best laugh so far of the year when, having spotted that the flood has receded to a small lake half way down, which merely means Post Traumatic Commuter will need to pirouette on snow booted tippy-toes through the sludgy, muddy, bubbling morass in which an abandoned broken white umbrella is beached – possibly belonging to a commuter who has drowned and whose bloated body has yet to rise to the surface – she sees ahead of her a burly figure stopped by the edge of the water. Post Traumatic Commuter’s curiosity is piqued.

Perhaps this figure is looking for his contact lenses, or has lost a small dog in the water?
Closer inspection reveals that the figure is a bloke taking out what would seem to be his wife or girlfriend’s buff coloured, flower patterned Wellington boots from a black bin bag and putting them on. The bloke strides purposefully in his pretty Wellies through the waters and up to the station, where he hides at the furthest end from the other commuters and puts on his work shoes.

It is possible that these were the only Wellingtons still available in Surrey. Whatever, this is undoubtedly the action of a desperate man, broken down by the months of relentless rainfall.

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