We Are All Related

Kevin the Security man, whose grandmother was dandled on music hall star Dan Leno’s knee (as a baby), has given me a copy of Dr A C Ross (Ehanamani)’s ‘Mitakuye Oyansin: We are all Related’.

Very interesting. Now am accepting am descended from star travellers from the Pleiades, and also, if I do the following five qualities continuously for 2 cycles round the sun (I think this means 2 months, though not all that up on cosmology), according to Edgar Cayce, I will have finished my evolutionary journey on earth, having become whole and my spirit can leave my body at will. The five qualities are brotherly love, patience, long-sufferance, balance/harmony. It seem to me that I have at least three of these, but am definitely going to have to do some work on the patience.

What better place to practise than whilst commuting? By time retire, will not only have index-linked pension, but also ability to clock off the wheel of birth and rebirth. Also, if you can
achieve one of these qualities for one cycle of the moon around the earth, it becomes part of you. When have achieved all five for two to five years, you have attained a resonating oneness with that quality and, and it is totally a part of you. Once you have achieved this oneness, when you talk, God talks, when you act, God acts.

Am only slightly discouraged by discovery that Cayce also said Jesus first of mankind to complete this evolutionary journey on earth.

However, enjoy challenge and from Sunday 7 July, am dedicating next month to being patient.
Maintain air of serene composure when just missing train to Woking where am going to get Sandra’s birthday present; do not flicker in composure when gaggle of Italian girls choose seats behind me to cackle in Italian; quickly regain Gandhi-like calmness after slight breakout of annoyance on journey back when noting bloody train to Esher nowhere to be seen on announcement board, but then discover only have 15 minute wait. Devote 15 minute wait on gruesome platform by practising cloud-splitting like the D-Lakota.

Patience maintained right up until 10.30 pm at home when discover festering tin of cat food, tuna flavour, left in shared fridge for god knows how long. Following strop in which suggest that miracle we not yet struck down by cholera, and that it would be more hygienic for me to store my food in garden, will now have to start month of patience from tomorrow.

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