Life’s A Breeze

Having serious reduction in morning cappuccino intake as feel unable to purchase coffee from extremely handsome Brazilian/Italian/Spanish barista with dazzling smile at favourite coffee outlet at Wimbledon station unless am looking ticketty-boo, and as due to sleep disorder caused by last year’s burn-out current morning look is usually staring-eyeballed wan look last affected by Woman in White in Wilkie Collin’s Victorian melodrama of same name, topped off by flyaway hair not washed for two days and mascara streaks under eyes; generally accept best to hang on until get to office in order not to put kibosh on chances. Fortunately note this morning, which can only do by stretching neck like okapi reaching for tasty greenery around side of menu frontage at coffee vendors’, that extremely handsome barista not there this morning, so safe to purchase cappuccino from female colleague.

Carry cappuccino down Tube platform, seeking optimum seat. Optimum seat is one of the two single seats in every Tube carriage, that do not have weirdo sitting opposite. Weirdo, in this instance, encompasses someone who sits and stares at you; anybody talking too loudly on mobile; bloke with rucksack with wires sticking out it. Optimum seat compromised at this, and most times of year, if windows open either side of it. Windows, in humble opinion, should only be opened from June to early Sept. This period of time coincides with season am not wearing thermal vest. And despite being 3 June am still wearing thermal vest as weather abnormally chilly.

Walk entire length of bloody platform. Amazing work by maniac window opener has resulted in windows by optimum seats open throughout entire length of train. Now am sitting next to driver.

Super Food Menace

Woman on evening train from Victoria crunching apple rigorously and very loudly in my right ear so cannot read newspaper. This supposed to imply she above stuffing face with chocolate. Now menace from Super Foods I expect, people munching on giant blueberries and avocados. On Woking train, Nigerian bloke opposite train bellowing on loudspeaker into phone held four inches from face. Mentions ‘Osama bin’ twice.

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