After work, go to Comedy Theatre.  Following show, take Bakerloo line from Piccadilly Circus to Waterloo.  At Piccadilly Circus, bloke politely lets me on train first.  Decide to stand rather than sit, and he stands at other door.  Realise have made mistake as he is obviously off his head.  May be serial killer. I know this because he looks over at me, or possibly at some invisible figure standing beside me and says ‘Oh, hello, I didn’t see you standing there.’  May be talking to giant rabbit.  Gives me ironic, crescent moon, enigmatic smile.  Give him covert glances as journey progresses.  Short hair, polished shoes, looking in bag.  For what?  Try to look unconcerned, let eyes flick easily in calm, assured, totally relaxed manner over American family sat down nearby and tube ads, though not in any way that would look as though trying to let eyes flick in calm, assured, totally relaxed manner.

Get off train at Waterloo, relieved to see him not getting off train.  Less relieved when he says ‘Take care.’  Ignore him.

Wot he mean, take care?  Wonder if he works for M15.  Has he been assigned to me?   Wonder if being tailed.  Remember reading about people who think they are being tailed by M15.

Not entirely sure haven’t seen him before though.  Could he be the married bloke from the electrical contractors who snogged me at staff Christmas party two years ago?

Get back to Esher station at 11.20 pm.  As pouring with rain, no need to take cab as no one likely to be hanging around to kill me.  Would also rather get soaked than run risk of getting the Iraqi cab driver who says ‘Thatcher Avenue? You know Margaret Thatcher?’

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